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    Rob Papen Vecto

    Vector Synthesizer Plug-in

    Rob Papen's versatile Rack Extension vector synth has been reborn as a plug-in.

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Arturia Pigments

    Software Synthesizer

    Arturia built their reputation on software recreations of classic synths, now they're back with one of their own.

    Reviews May 2019
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    FXpansion Cypher2

    Software Synthesizer

    FXpansion's new soft synth boasts sensational sound and an almost unhealthy level of modulation.

    Reviews May 2019
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    Softube Modular

    Virtual Modular Synth

    If you're Eurorack curious but short on space or cash — or simply allergic to 3.5mm patch cables — Softube's Modular might be for you.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    Audio Damage Quanta

    Software Instrument

    Audio Damage’s latest plug-in instrument gives an accessible but versatile take on granular synthesis.

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Tracktion Waverazor

    Virtual Instrument

    Waverazor offers an aggressive take on waveshaping synthesis and some seriously deep editing.

    Reviews Nov 2018
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    Spitfire Audio BT Phobos

    Polyconvolution Synthesizer Plug-in [Mac/Win]

    A collaboration with a renowned composer and electronic music pioneer launches Spitfire Audio into outer space.

    Reviews Jul 2018
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    AudioRealism Bassline 3

    Software Synthesizer

    The humble TB303 has proved notoriously difficult to recreate in software, but ABL3 comes far closer than most.

    Reviews Jan 2017
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    Output Exhale

    Kontakt Instrument

    All of Output’s products so far have been an attempt to break new ground in the world of sample processing. Their first...

    Reviews Mar 2016
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    Arturia Matrix 12 V

    Software Synthesizer

    Never afraid of a challenge, Arturia have undertaken the first software emulation of the celebrated Oberheim Matrix 12.

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

    Software Synthesizer

    As it reaches its second incarnation, we ask: is Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere the world’s best soft synth?

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    Xfer Records Serum

    Software Synthesizer

    Serum’s slick interface belies an extremely flexible wavetable synthesizer.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    PPG WaveGenerator

    Software Wavetable Synthesizer

    Apps based on existing software are far from unusual, but Wolfgang Palm has chosen to go the other way.

    Reviews Mar 2014
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    Muse Research Receptor VIP.

    Muse Research Receptor VIP

    Virtual Instrument & Plug-in Host

    Muse Research continue to refine their Receptor virtual instrument player.

    Reviews Apr 2013
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    XILS Lab XILS 3

    Software Synthesizer

    XILS Labs XILS 3 is a recreation of the EMS VCS3, but there's more to it than that — much, much more.

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Muse Research Receptor 2 Pro Max

    Virtual Instrument & Plug-in Hosting System

    The Receptor lets you use VST plug-ins without a computer. How does V2 improve on the original?

    Reviews Jun 2010
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    Arturia Jupiter 8V

    Software Synthesizer

    There was always something quite special about Roland's classic Jupiter 8 analogue megasynth, but can Arturia capture that magic with their emulation?

    Reviews Jul 2007
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    Mouse-controlled Soft Synth [Windows]

    When it comes to hands-on control, we're used to being told that the mouse is a poor substitute for knobs and faders. This unique soft synth might just change all that...

    Reviews May 2007
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    Native Instruments Massive

    Software Synth [OS X/Windows]

    Is Native Instrument's new stand-alone soft synth as big as they say it is?

    Reviews Feb 2007
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    Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600

    Software Synthesizer [Mac/PC]

    Can this in-depth software emulation of the ARP 2600 improve on Arturia's existing 2600V?

    Reviews Aug 2006
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    AAS Ultra Analog

    Modelled Analogue Synth [Mac/PC]

    Like the analogue modelling of AAS's Tassman but don't need its complexity or fancy its price much? The far more affordable Ultra Analog could be right up your street...

    Reviews Jul 2006


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