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    App Works

    Making Music On The Move

    We test Yonac Magellan synthesizer app and the PPG WaveGenerator synth app.

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    Sonic Academy ANA

    Software Synthesizer

    Don’t let its low price fool you: Sonic Academy’s debut synth has a lot going for it...

    Reviews Aug 2012
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    Wave Alchemy Pro II

    Software Synthesizer

    Wave Alchemy’s Pro II aims to fill the curious, Pro One-shaped hole in the soft-synth market.

    Reviews Aug 2012
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    Tascam iU2 • Reactable Mobile

    App Works: Making Music On The Move

    We check out the Tascam iU2 audio interface, and sneak a peak at Reactable's Mobile tactile synth for iOS and Android.

    Reviews Jul 2012
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