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    Native Instruments Massive X

    Software Synthesizer

    NI's Massive X isn't just an update, it's a whole new synth!

    Reviews Nov 2019
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    Cherry Audio Voltage Modular

    Virtual Modular Synthesizer

    Clearly believing that more is more, Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular combines a user-friendly interface with a very generous selection of modules.

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    Rob Papen Vecto

    Vector Synthesizer Plug-in

    Rob Papen's versatile Rack Extension vector synth has been reborn as a plug-in.

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Softube: Modelling Hardware In Software

    Oscar Öberg, Arvid Rosén & Niklas Odelholm

    Ever wondered how plug-in companies recreate classic outboard gear in your DAW? We take a peek into Softube's modelling lab to find out.

    Music Business Jun 2019
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    Arturia Pigments

    Software Synthesizer

    Arturia built their reputation on software recreations of classic synths, now they're back with one of their own.

    Reviews May 2019
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    FXpansion Cypher2

    Software Synthesizer

    FXpansion's new soft synth boasts sensational sound and an almost unhealthy level of modulation.

    Reviews May 2019
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    Nektar Bolt

    Software Synthesizer

    Hardware controller specialists Nektar turn their attention to software with the versatile and capable Bolt synthesizer.

    Reviews May 2019
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    Softube Modular

    Virtual Modular Synth

    If you're Eurorack curious but short on space or cash — or simply allergic to 3.5mm patch cables — Softube's Modular might be for you.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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