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    Modal Electronics Argon 8X

    Wavetable Synthesizer

    Modal's Argon 8X offers a lot of synthesizer for a very compelling price.

    Reviews . Jun 2020
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    Modal Electronics Craft Synth 2.0

    Monophonic Wavetable Synthesizer

    Modal's revisited Craft Synth offers complex sound design in a compact package.

    Reviews Jan 2020
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    Matt Jackson of Modal Electronics demoing the new Argon8 at SynthFest 2019.

    SynthFest UK — Modal Electronics Argon8

    Bristol-based synth manufacturers show us their latest portable polysynth

    Modal Electronics' Matt Jackson introduces the Argon8 at SynthFest 2019 in Sheffield!

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    Modal's new Argon8.

    Performance & portability with Modal's Argon8

    New compact eight-voice digital polysynth fills a gap in Modal's range

    Argon8 fills a gap in Modal Electronics' range above the absurdly affordable CraftSynth 2.0 and Skulpt, but below the 00-series synths.

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    There's more to CraftSynth 2.0 than its tiny size would suggest...

    Modal go miniature

    West Country synth manufacturer ships Skulpt and CraftSynth 2.0

    New super-compact synths from Modal now shipping!

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    Modal Electronics Skulpt — SynthFest UK 2018

    Four-voice, miniature polysynth demoed at SOS-organised synth event

    The minds behind the CRAFTsynth and CRAFTrhythm from Modal Electronics turned their attention to...

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    Modal announce sub-$300 SKULPT polysynth

    Four-voice virtual analogue synth to launch on Kickstarter next week

    Modal Electronics have today announced the Skulpt synthesiser, a polyphonic virtual analogue synth based on...

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    Modal Electronics unveil £79 DIY monosynth

    Craftsynth can be assembled in 10 minutes with no specialist tools

    British synth makers Modal Electronics have departed from their usual territory of top-end boutique keyboards...

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