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    Modor NF1 loses its keys in firmware tweak

    Upgrade adds microtonal options and many other improvements

    Development goes on for the unconventional Modor NF1 and its affordable sibling the NF1m, with this new free firmware upgrade.

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    Modor show new filters at Superbooth

    Eurorack formant and comb filters and Noisy Oscillator revealed

    Modor have adapted the formant filter from their NF-1 synth for the Eurorack format and also introduced a new...

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    Modor Formant Filter

    Eurorack Module

    Formant Filter offers morphing between three different vowel sounds and via parallel band-pass filters, it delivers convincing vocal tones...

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    Modor NF-1m

    Modor launch MiniModor at Superbooth 17


    Following on from the NF-1, the MiniModor is actually a Modor NF-1 in a more compact package and boasts the same...

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    Modor NF-1

    Digital Synthesizer

    The Modor NF-1 has a front panel festooned with knobs, but at the same time it’s unashamedly digital.

    Reviews Feb 2016
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