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    GForce Software OB-E

    Software Synthesizer [Mac]

    Can GForce capture the character of the legendary Oberheim 8‑Voice in software?

    Reviews . Jun 2021
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    GForce ImpOSCar 2

    Software Synthesizer

    GForce’s acclaimed OSCar emulator gets a major update — and a deluxe control surface, in the shape of the Touch Digital IMP2C.

    Reviews Apr 2012
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    Gforce Minimonsta

    Virtual Analogue Synth [PC/Mac]

    Forget completely flexible software synthesis — what everyone wants, it seems, is emulations of 35-year-old monophonic analogue synths! We check out the latest modelled Minimoog, and see how it compares to the original hardware.

    Reviews . Aug 2005
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