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    Korg Prophecy

    Solo Synthesizer

    It's not a new synth — it's seven! Korg's amazing new Prophecy offers analogue and FM synthesis, and physical modelling, and still costs under £1000. Unsurprisingly, SOS staff have been dying to review one ever since it was unveiled at this year's Frankfurt Musik Messe. Lucky man Gordon Reid won the toss...

    Reviews Oct 1995
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    Korg Trident

    Polysynth (Retro)

    Vintage synth collector and self-confessed Korg fanatic Alex Clarke waxes extremely lyrical about the early '80s Trident — a hybrid of polysynth and string machine.

    Reviews Jul 1995
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    Korg X5DR

    Synth Module

    More notes, more waveforms, but more money. Is this new module from Korg just more of the same? Derek Johnson finds out...

    Reviews May 1995
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