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    Synth School: Part 5

    The Origins Of Sample & Synthesis (S&S)

    At the January NAMM show in 1987, Roland launched their D50, which mixed synthesis and sampled sounds in one package, a compbination which has remained popular to the current day. Paul Wiffen examines how S&S evolved into the most widespread form of sound generation on the market.

    Techniques Dec 1997
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    Korg Z1

    Multi-oscillator Physical Modelling Synthesizer

    Commercial physical modelling synths first appeared in 1994, but until now, nobody has produced one that offers truly multitimbral operation together with decent polyphonic performance. Korg's new Z1 does — and for well under £2,000. In this, the first UK review of the finished instrument, Goron Reid laughs wildly and plays lots fo chords — because he can.

    Reviews Oct 1997
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    Korg NS5R

    Synth Module

    Perhaps 'more sounds for less money' is becoming a tired selling point, but Christopher Holder finds some features that set Korg's latest GM sound module apart.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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