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    Steve McNally: Sound Programmer

    Sound Design

    Do you ever wonder who's responsible for the waveforms and sound patches in your favourite synth? If it's a Korg keyboard, then the answer might be Steve McNally, one of the team of sound developers.

    People Aug 1998
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    Synth School: Part 9

    The Imitation Of Analogue

    Physical Modelling and Virtual Synthesis have been buzzwords for several years now, especially when it comes to imitating analogue synthesis. But what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how do they work? Paul Wiffen explains.

    Techniques Jul 1998
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    Korg SG-Rack

    Stage Piano Module

    A quality acoustic piano sound in a 1U rack-mounting package? Paul Ward lifts the lid to see if there are any strings attached...

    Reviews Jun 1998
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    Korg Minikorg Family [Retrozone]


    It was 1973 and everyone was playing Minimoogs, and ARP Odysseys. So why did the Keio ORGan company produce a little synthesizer with the most unorthodox controls imaginable, call it the MiniKORG 700, and try to convince the keyboard cognoscenti that it was worth buying? Gordon Reid explains...

    Reviews Apr 1998
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    Korg TR Rack

    Expanded Access Synth Module

    Korg's new module makes the synthesis technology of their flagship Trinity workstation range more affordable — but at what cost?

    Reviews Feb 1998
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    Synth School: Part 5

    The Origins Of Sample & Synthesis (S&S)

    At the January NAMM show in 1987, Roland launched their D50, which mixed synthesis and sampled sounds in one package, a compbination which has remained popular to the current day. Paul Wiffen examines how S&S evolved into the most widespread form of sound generation on the market.

    Techniques Dec 1997
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    Korg Z1

    Multi-oscillator Physical Modelling Synthesizer

    Commercial physical modelling synths first appeared in 1994, but until now, nobody has produced one that offers truly multitimbral operation together with decent polyphonic performance. Korg's new Z1 does — and for well under £2,000. In this, the first UK review of the finished instrument, Goron Reid laughs wildly and plays lots fo chords — because he can.

    Reviews Oct 1997
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    Korg NS5R

    Synth Module

    Perhaps 'more sounds for less money' is becoming a tired selling point, but Christopher Holder finds some features that set Korg's latest GM sound module apart.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    Korg Prophecy

    Solo Synthesizer

    It's not a new synth — it's seven! Korg's amazing new Prophecy offers analogue and FM synthesis, and physical modelling, and still costs under £1000. Unsurprisingly, SOS staff have been dying to review one ever since it was unveiled at this year's Frankfurt Musik Messe. Lucky man Gordon Reid won the toss...

    Reviews Oct 1995
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    Korg Trident

    Polysynth (Retro)

    Vintage synth collector and self-confessed Korg fanatic Alex Clarke waxes extremely lyrical about the early '80s Trident — a hybrid of polysynth and string machine.

    Reviews Jul 1995
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    Korg X5DR

    Synth Module

    More notes, more waveforms, but more money. Is this new module from Korg just more of the same? Derek Johnson finds out...

    Reviews May 1995
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    Korg Polysix

    Synthesizer (Retro)

    The Korg PolySix gave Roland's Juno 6 (and Later the Juno 60) some stiff competition back in the early eighties, and is enjoying a revival of popularity today. Nick Magnus takes a retrospective look at this analogue favourite, and gives some advice on purchasing one today.

    Reviews Sep 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 2

    Recreating Analogue Strings

    Nick Magnus continues his quest to emulate analogue sounds on digital instruments. This month, he shows you how to recreate analogue strings.

    Techniques Feb 1994
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    Korg X3R

    Workstation Synth Module

    Julian Colbeck sizes up the new offering from the prolific Korg camp, the latest to use the company's long-running A12 synthesis system. Is it just the same old stuff in the new box, or does the X3R have enough Unique Selling Points to justify its existence?

    Reviews Feb 1994


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