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    Synth Secrets

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    Figure 1: [top] A simple synthesizer. Figure 2: [bottom] Applying this control voltage to the oscillator frequency would result in a short burst of vibrato.


    Synth Secrets

    In this month's instalment of his series on the basics of subtractive synthesis, Gordon Reid considers the magic ingredient that makes all the other elements sound interesting...

    Techniques Feb 2000
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    An Introduction To VCAs

    Synth Secrets

    Having laid bare the inner workings of oscillators, contour generators and filters, Gordon Reid turns his attention to something which at first sight seems entirely self-evident. Can the humble voltage-controlled amplifier really hold any Synth Secrets?

    Techniques Jan 2000
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    Figure 1: A swelled brass loudness contour.

    More About Envelopes

    Synth Secrets

    Gordon Reid reveals some of the limitations of the 'classic' ADSR envelope with reference to a practical synthesis example, and explains some of the different types of envelopes found on 'classic' analogue synths, from AR envelopes right up to highly flexible digitally controlled EGs.

    Techniques Dec 1999
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    Roland ED SC8850 Sound Canvas

    General MIDI 2/GS Sound Module

    GM synths have a reputation in hi-tech circles for being dull and samey, but they're undeniably popular — and now the specification has been updated. Derek Johnson & Debbie Poyser take a look at the first of the GM2 generation.

    Reviews Oct 1999
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    Roland GR-Series

    Guitar Synthesizers (Retro)

    Recognising that there are millions of synth-hungry guitarists out there, manufacturers have been trying for years to develop products which would appeal to them. Norm Leete traces the history of Roland's innovative GR range of guitar synths and controllers.

    Reviews Aug 1999
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    Roland JV1010

    Sound Module

    If you were offered a Roland JV2080, complete with Session expansion card and software editor, for around half the price of a JV1080, you'd probably wonder what the catch was. OK, so the JV1010 isn't quite that, but it comes surprisingly close...

    Reviews Jun 1999
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    Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2

    Synthesizers (Retro)

    Prepare to shed a tear in another near-miss tale of a desirable analogue synth swept aside by the rise of digital technology.

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    Roland SC880

    Sound Canvas GM/GS Module

    One of two General MIDI modules are simply a cut above the rest, and Roland's high-end Sound Canvases fit right into this category. Paul White retires to the studio with the latest in the line and dips into a seemingly limitless palette of sound...

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Roland Jupiter

    Analogue Polysynths [Retrozone]

    Roland's Jupiter family yielded one or two shining examples of what an analogue polysynth should be.

    Reviews Feb 1998
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    Synth School: Part 2

    Resonance, Envelopes & Routing

    This month, Paul Wiffen looks at ways of modifying a filter's shape, both in terms of frequency response and over time, and considers the importance of routing in connecting together a synth's various sound-generating and -modifying components.

    Techniques Aug 1997
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    Roland MBD1

    Bass & Drums Sound Expansion Module

    Paul White tries out Roland's MBD1 Bass and Drums Sound Expansion module and discovers a wealth of really useable off-the-peg sounds.

    Reviews Jun 1997
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    Roland JV2080

    Synth Module

    Roland's JV1080 was a great success with serious synthesists, and recognising that if it ain't broke there's no need to fix it, Roland have provided more of the same with the new 2080. Derek Johnson's spoilt for choice.

    Reviews Apr 1997
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    Roland Sound Canvas SC88

    Pro GM Sound Module

    Roland's SC88 could be described as a Rolls-Royce in the world of General MIDI sound modules. So is the new upgraded SC88 Pro a luxurious stretch limo complete with mini-bar and luxuriant walnut veneer? Derek Johnson dons his chauffeur's cap and takes it for a drive...

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    Roland PMA5

    Personal Music Assistant

    Is it a Filofax? Is it a Stylophone? No... it's Roland's answer to Yamaha's portable music Walkstation family. Faster than a speeding bullet, Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser apply their X-ray vision to the new PMA5.

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    Roland JX3P

    Polysynth [Retrozone]

    Michael Anthony takes us back to the mid-eighties, when MIDI was in pre-school playgroup, and manufacturers built synths that couldn't decide if they were analogue, digital, or both...

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Roland Sound Expansion Series

    Synth Expander Modules

    Paul White bolts Roland's new range of synth expander modules into his rack, seats himself in the comfy chair, then switches it on.

    Reviews Oct 1995
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    Roland VG8

    Virtual Guitar System

    Paul White gets truly virtual with Roland's new physical modelling guitar product — and no, it's not a guitar synth!

    Reviews May 1995
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    Roland System100M

    Modular Synth (Retro)

    At a time when a modular synth could cost as much as an average house, Roland's System 100M was an affordable dream. Chris Carter gets patched in...

    Reviews Apr 1995
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    Roland VG8

    V-Guitar System (Preview)

    Paul White brings back from NAMM exclusive news from Roland's new secret weapon in the physical modelling wars.

    Reviews Mar 1995
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    Roland Super JV1080

    Expandable Synthesizer Module

    Roland's latest synth module boasts an impressive spec, including a 32-bit RISC processor, 64-voice polyphony and the ability to hoast up to four expansion cards simultaneously. Could it be the only synth you'll need? Dave Crombie finds out.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Roland SC88

    Super Sound Canvas

    Derek Johnson checks out the new flagship of the Sound Canvas range.

    Reviews Sep 1994


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