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    Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600

    Eurorack Synthesizer

    The Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600 is a complete analogue synthesizer voice in just 32hp. It consists of a single VCO, a sub oscillator and noise generator processed by a four-pole low-pass filter based on that of the legendary ARP 2600.

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Studio Electronics Quadnic

    Eurorack Digital Oscillator Module

    Designed in collaboration with SpaceHardware, the Quadnic packs four digital oscillators into an impressively compact 12hp...

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Studio Electronics Boomstars

    Analogue Synthesizer Modules

    Studio Electronics' new synth modules come in a range of different colours, each with its own distinctive filter and identity.

    Reviews Aug 2014
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    Studio Electronics Omega 8

    8-voice Digitally Controlled Analogue Synth

    In this ever-changing world of virtual analogues, modelled instruments, and software emulations, it's a pleasant surprise to find that some companies are making synths the old-fashioned way. But is nostalgia really what it used to be?

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    Studio Electronics ATCX

    Analogue Tone Chameleon Rack Synth

    The ATCX really could be seen as four synths in one, as its unassuming exterior conceals not only an adaptable true analogue synthesis architecture, but also the filter characteristics of classic synths that include the Minimoog and the TB303.

    Reviews Aug 2003
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    Studio Electronics Omega 8 (Preview)

    Analogue Synth Module

    The long-awaited Omega 8 promises much, even if its feature-set is not yet complete. Gordon Reid takes a first look...

    Reviews Mar 2000
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    Studio Electronics SE1 monosynth (photo courtesy of Matrixsynth website).

    Studio Electronics SE1

    Analogue MIDI Monosynth

    In an age of ever‑growing polyphony, Studio Electronics, best known for their vintage synth rebuilds, have returned to first principles — to create the first analogue monosynth for almost a decade. So how does this MIDI‑equipped modern classic measure up to its vintage forbears?

    Reviews Jan 1994
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