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    Modal Electronics SkulptSynth SE

    Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

    Modal’s SkulptSynth SE packs an awful lot of synth into a very small package.

    Reviews . Sep 2021
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    Modal Electronics Cobalt 8

    Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

    The Cobalt 8 is a beautifully judged virtual analogue synth.

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    Modal Cobalt 8, Cobalt 8m & Cobalt 8x

    Modal unveil Cobalt 8m & 8x synthesizers

    Module and extended versions now available

    Bristol synth-makers Modal have released desktop module and extended-keyboard versions of their hotly anticipated Cobalt 8 instrument.

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    Modal Electronics Cobalt8

    8-voice polysynth from Modal

    Powerful virtual analogue instrument unveiled

    The virtual-analogue Cobalt8 provides a wealth of modulation options, and features a full-size velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard.

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    Modal Electronics Argon 8X

    Wavetable Synthesizer

    Modal's Argon 8X offers a lot of synthesizer for a very compelling price.

    Reviews Jun 2020
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