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    Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard

    Analogue & Digital Synthesizer

    Pushing at the boundaries of synthesis, as ever, Dave Smith's Evolver range continues to, er, evolve...

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    Korg Micro X


    They say that good things come in small packages — but just how much synthesizer can Korg cram into the tiny Micro X?

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    The Story Of The Davolisint


    It lacked most of the features we'd expect from even a basic synth, but this rare Italian keyboard had a charm all of its own.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Roland Juno G

    Keyboard Workstation

    As Roland revisit the Juno name once again, we look at whether their latest offering is a serious contender, or merely a bantamweight Fantom.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Korg TR88

    Keyboard Workstation

    Korg's Triton LE series has evolved into the TR range, but does it deliver any more than a new paint-job?

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Little Phatty by Bob Moog

    Programmable Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer

    Bob Moog's final project carries his visionary synthesizer design into the future.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Korg STR1 & OASYS v1.1

    Plucked String Synthesizer Expansion & OS Upgrade

    An amazing new string-modelling synth is added to Korg's flagship workstation.

    Reviews Oct 2006
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    Yamaha M06

    Workstation Synth

    Looking to create a more affordable keyboard version of their Motif range of workstations, Yamaha have pared back the spec of the Motif ES a little — though not much — to create the M06 and M08.

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Alesis Fusion

    Synth Workstation

    In these days of fast, flexible computers and powerful virtual instruments, has the hardware workstation synth had its day? Alesis's Fusion mounts the case for the defence, offering four synthesis types, sampling, sequencing and hard disk recording — for under £1000.

    Reviews May 2006
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    Dave Smith Poly Evolver Keyboard

    Four-voice Analogue & Digital Synth

    The Evolver began as a mono desktop unit, then became polyphonic, and now there's a polyphonic keyboard version. It's almost as if Dave Smith's latest synth is steadily evolving back into his earlier Prophet 5... We check it out.

    Reviews Mar 2006
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