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    Emu Classic Keys

    Analogue Keyboard Sound Module

    Emu's Vintage Keys module offered a tempting selection of sounds sampled from the cream of desirable analogue synths. Now the same concept has been remodelled, with a lower price tag to appeal to a larger range of musicians. Gordon Reid assesses the Classic Keys.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Emu Ultra Proteus

    Synthesizer Module

    Imagine a synth which is a cross between the best of Emu's Proteus and Proformance modules, and also includes the Z-plane filters of the Morpheus. No further need to imagine; it's here, in the form of the new UltraProteus. Julian Colbeck checks out this impressive multitimbral module.

    Reviews Aug 1994
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    Emu Proteus FX

    Sound Module & Onboard Effects

    The Proteus series of sound modules have gained a reputation for being all things to all musicians — but they've never had on-board effects. The newest addition to the family takes care of that. Nigel Humberstone checks it out.

    Reviews May 1994
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