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    Yamaha TG300

    General MIDI Tone Generator

    A new shape? A large LCD? Martin Russ finds out what Yamaha are up to with their latest expander, which aims to give GM compatibility ans a whole lot more...

    Reviews Mar 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 3

    Recreating Analogue Brass

    Nick Magnus puts on his Indiana Jones hat and treks ever deeper into the heart of your digital synth. This month's Holy Grail is analogue brass.

    Techniques Mar 1994
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    GEM S2R

    Rackmounting Synth Module

    GEM have upgraded, expanded and enhanced their S2 keyboard synth and crammed it into a 3U module. Devoted S2 owner Mike Simmons discovers what he might be missing out on...

    Reviews Mar 1994
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