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    Roland Super JV1080

    Expandable Synthesizer Module

    Roland's latest synth module boasts an impressive spec, including a 32-bit RISC processor, 64-voice polyphony and the ability to hoast up to four expansion cards simultaneously. Could it be the only synth you'll need? Dave Crombie finds out.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine

    MIDI Analogue Monosynth

    Paul ward suits up, closes the airlock, engages warp drive and boldly goes where no SOS reviewer has gone before...

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Emu Classic Keys

    Analogue Keyboard Sound Module

    Emu's Vintage Keys module offered a tempting selection of sounds sampled from the cream of desirable analogue synths. Now the same concept has been remodelled, with a lower price tag to appeal to a larger range of musicians. Gordon Reid assesses the Classic Keys.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Marion Systems MSR2

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Martin Russ gets his analogue teeth into the Marion Systems MSR2 mainframe and ASM analogue synth module.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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