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    Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2

    Synthesizers (Retro)

    Prepare to shed a tear in another near-miss tale of a desirable analogue synth swept aside by the rise of digital technology.

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    Moog Minimoog 204E


    The Minimoog rides again thanks to Welsh company Moog Music Limited. But how close does it sound to the original? We at SOS knew opinion would be split, so we got five of our regular synth reviewers, all previous or current Mini owners, to give us their views.

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    Waldorf Microwave XT

    Wavetable Synth

    The latest addition to Waldorf's Microwave family certainly advertises its presence. Paul Nagle finds out if the future's bright as well as orange.

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    Synth School: Part 12 (of 12)

    The Way Ahead

    Will physical modelling continue to be at the leading edge of synthesis, or are there other methods moving up on the inside tracks? Paul Wiffen winds up the Synth School series with a little crystal ball-gazing.

    Techniques Oct 1998
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