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    Yamaha FS1R

    FM Synthesis / Formant-shaping Tone Generator

    FM synthesis was the success story of the mid-'80s, and synth based on its principles, like Yamaha's DX7, sold by the bucketload — until affordable sample-based synths arrived at the end of the decade. Now, with their new FS1R, Yamaha have updated the technology for the late '90s.

    Reviews Dec 1998
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    Korg N1R

    Synth Module

    The latest product of Korg's long-established A1 synthesis technology, the N1R module may not break any ground, but it bristles with great sounds and is a cinch to edit. Paul White feels thoroughly Nlightened...

    Reviews Dec 1998
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    Korg DW8000 [Retrozone]

    Keyboard Synthesizer

    Paul Ward reintroduces an instrument now widely neglected on account of its 'digital' tag, and argues that it still has much to recommend it.

    Reviews Dec 1998
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