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    Living Memory Software Layr

    Multi-timbral Synth App For iOS

    If you are a fan of iOS synths that allow you to get your programming hands dirty, then Layr is going to be of considerable interest.

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    Bastl Instruments Kastle

    Modular Synthesizer

    Bastl Instruments’ miniature modular really is very, very small indeed.

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    Make Noise Morphagene

    Eurorack Module

    Morphagene is Make Noise’s attempt to take creative tape splicing and microsound exploration into the 21st century...

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    Klavis Twin Waves

    Dual Oscillator/LFO Eurorack Module

    The Klavis Twin Waves, also known as VCDO (Voltage Controlled Dual Oscillator) is a small, skiff-friendly module with a minimal interface.

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    Roland Boutique VP-03


    Roland have recreated their classic vocoder at a fraction of the cost — and size.

    Reviews Jul 2017
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