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    Arturia iSEM

    Synthesizer App For iPad

    Check out Arturia's take on this Oberheim classic dual-VCO synthesizer module with oscillator sync, pulse-width modulation and two-pole multi-mode filter.

    Reviews Dec 2013
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    App Works

    Making Music On The Move

    This month we look at a two iOS Apps - Pulse Code Modular and Stage Traxx.

    Reviews Nov 2013
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    App Works

    Making Music On The Move

    Apps for your Tablet: Waldorf Nave synth, Pocket Audio Tools and Grain Science's granular synth.

    Reviews Oct 2013
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    Thor's modular interface will feel familiar to Reason users...

    Propellerhead Thor

    Synth App For iPad

    Prophet, Prodigy, Jupiter, Andromeda, Trinity... You just can't beat the grandiose overtones of a good synth name....

    Reviews Sep 2013
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    Arturia iMini

    Synthesizer iOS App For iPad

    It was surely only a matter of time before an iOS Minimoog appeared, and it's no surprise that Arturia are the company who've made it...

    Reviews May 2013
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    Korg iPolysix

    Synthesizer App For iOS

    The iPolysix app faithfully recreates the original synth's architecture, which had six VCOs, one for each of its six voices. Does it do the original justice?

    Reviews Feb 2013
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    A studio in the palm of your hand. For music and audio apps, the iPad Mini offers roughly the same performances as the third-generation iPad, but in a lighter, more slender and cheaper package.

    App Works

    Making Music On The Move

    This month we look at the new iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface and Borderlands Granular Synth app.

    Reviews Jan 2013
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