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    Apesoft iVCS3

    Synthesizer App For iOS

    The EMS VCS3 (or ‘Putney’) is relic of a bygone age. Along with its suitcase sibling the Synthi, the VCS3...

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Korg MicroKorg S


    How do you follow the best-selling synthesizer of all time?

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Make Noise 0-Coast

    Semi-modular Synthesizer

    Make Noise blur the boundaries between the East and West Coast schools of synthesis with this unique semi-modular.

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600

    Eurorack Synthesizer

    The Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600 is a complete analogue synthesizer voice in just 32hp. It consists of a single VCO, a sub oscillator and noise generator processed by a four-pole low-pass filter based on that of the legendary ARP 2600.

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Vermona TwinCussion

    Eurorack Percussion Module

    TwinCussion comprises a pair of analogue percussion voices (A & B), both slightly different and capable of independent operation or cross-patched interaction...

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Twisted Electrons Acid8 MkII

    8-bit Synthesizer

    Twisted Electrons offer a new take on the classic acid machine.

    Reviews Oct 2016
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