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    Sonicsmith Squaver P1+ synthesizer module.

    Sonicsmith Squaver P1+

    Analogue Synthesizer Pedal

    The Sonicsmith Squaver P1+ is not your ordinary semi-modular synth...

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Analogue Solutions Treadstone

    Analogue Synthesizer

    The Treadstone packs a lot of analogue synth into a very small box.

    Reviews Nov 2018
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    1010music Toolbox

    Eurorack Module

    In a move that may appeal to fans of the movie Inception, the 1010music Toolbox takes a modular approach to your modular’s modulation...

    Reviews Aug 2018
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    Moog DFAM

    Percussion Synthesizer

    Moog’s Drummer From Another Mother cocks an inventive snook at conventional percussion synthesis.

    Reviews Jun 2018
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    Roland SH-01A


    Roland continue to mine their considerable legacy with another Boutique module, this time based on the simple but much-loved SH-101.

    Reviews May 2018
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