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    Expressive E's Osmose.

    Osmose — keyboard technology takes a giant leap forward

    Expressive E's new controller & synth offers unprecedented levels of control and expression

    Could this be the most expressive keyboard since the invention of the pianoforte?

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    Roland Fantom - in-depth SOS review

    Read our full in-depth test report

    With little advance warning, Roland have unleashed a new flagship workstation-cum-synthesizer which builds on the Fantom's legacy with a brand-new design developed from the ground up for modern music production. It comes in three models: Fantom 6 (61 keys), Fantom 7 (76 keys) and the 88-key Fantom 8.  Read the Sound On Sound full in-depth review here.

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    Modal's new Argon8.

    Performance & portability with Modal's Argon8

    New compact eight-voice digital polysynth fills a gap in Modal's range

    Argon8 fills a gap in Modal Electronics' range above the absurdly affordable CraftSynth 2.0 and Skulpt, but below the 00-series synths.

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    The keyboard version of ASM's new Hydrasynth.

    Hydrasynth: "Everything I've wanted in a synth for decades"

    Innovative digital synth company debuts with eight-voice wavemorphing keyboard & module

    ASM debut their eight-voice digital poly-aftertouch-enabled wavemorphing keyboard! We talk to product development head Glen Darcey.

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    Elektron debut Digitone Keys at Superbooth 2019

    New Friedrichstrasse studio hosts launch of keyboard version of 2018's Digitone

    The Digitone Keys adds a 37-note keyboard, individual outputs and real-time controls to 2018's Digitone performance groovebox.

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    Novation's new Summit, which debuted the night before Superbooth 2019 opened.

    Summit: Novation’s twin Peaks

    Bi-timbral 16-voice keyboard polysynth gets an early showing at Superbooth 2019

    Described by Novation as  "two Peaks and a keyboard, plus more control", the Summit debuted in Berlin the night before Superbooth 2019 opened.

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    Korg at NAMM 2019

    New Volcas, updated workstations and expanded Minilogue debut in California

    New Korg Volcas, updated workstations and expanded Minilogue debut in California!

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