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    New Eurorack drum module from Erica Synths

    Pico Drum 2 offers eight algorithms in just 3HP

    Drum generator offers deep kicks, squelchy snares and plenty more.

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    The Pico System III (Eurorack version).

    Erica Synths: new Pico System III

    New compact synth is available in Eurorack and desktop format

    Erica's Pico System III dispenses with the modularity of previous Pico Systems, but it's still patchable — and has patch memory cards too!

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    The new modules from Latvia's Erica Synths.

    Erica Synths bring more modular

    Latvian modular mavens release a brace of new Eurorack and Pico-format products

    The Latvian modular synth manufacturer has released a brace of new Eurorack and compact Pico-format modules.

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    Erica Synths Fusion Drone system available now

    Valve-based Eurorack soundscape synth out now

    The Fusion Drone System from Latvian synth-makers Erica Synths is a self-contained synth system comprising...

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