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    NAMM 2020 — Sequential Pro 3

    Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synthesizer

    The Sequential Pro 3 — a hybrid digital/analogue three-oscillator polysynth with three filter types — was launched in the run-up to NAMM.

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    The latest version of Analogue Solutions' Vostok synth-in-a-suitcase: Vostok 2020.

    Analogue Solutions unveil new Vostok 2020

    Latest version of the patchable semi-modular announced

    Analogue Solutions' synth-in-a-suitcase has had several upgrades since its 2002 launch — now the Vostok 2020 has debuted.

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    The Korg MS20 has had a full-sized reissue in three new colours alongside the original black finish.

    Korg announce final NAMM launches

    Mixers and a range of coloured full-size MS20s complete diverse range of new products

    Just as NAMM was getting ready to open, Korg completed their eclectic round of launches with a classic synth, two mixers and a keytar!

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    What could this possibly be...?

    Korg: the worst-kept secret is out

    A mighty synth is (re)launched...

    Korg's latest synth has full-size keys, MIDI and aftertouch! It's quite something...

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    The new Korg Wavestate.

    Korg kick off NAMM launches with Wavestate

    New 37-key synth massively updates the Wavestation concept with improved real-time control

    The Wavestate couples an enhanced wave-sequencing synth engine to a plethora of real-time controls.

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