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    Waldorf Kyra

    Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

    Kyra's FPGA-based synth engine is technologically innovative, but what's it like as an instrument?

    Reviews . Jun 2020
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    Waldorf Quantum

    Polyphonic Synthesizer

    Waldorf's new flagship synthesizer is complex, versatile and hugely ambitious.

    Reviews Apr 2019
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    Waldorf will build the Valkyrie synth and call it Kyra

    Independently-developed FPGA-powered synth finds manufacturing partner

    The Valkyrie 128-voice, 10-oscillator virtual analogue synthesizer that we reported on at Musikmesse earlier...

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    NAMM 2018: Waldorf launch STVC string synth

    Streichfett engine repackaged in Blofeld case with added vocoder

    If you can't get enough of string synths, then Waldorf have just the thing for you: the new STVC. The German...

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    Quantum is Waldorf's new super synth

    We take it back to Messe to relive demo by designer Rolf Wöhrmann

    For the impatient, sound demo begins at...

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    Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Module

    Eurorack Module

    I can’t deny being a long-time fan of the Waldorf sound and of wavetable synthesis in general, so I was pretty keen to try out the NW1...

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    NAMM 2016: Waldorf KB37 Keyboard & Eurorack modules (Video)

    DVCA1 Dual VCA, CMP1 Compressor & MOD1 Modulator

    Waldorf gave us a quick run through of their new Eurorack system at the NAMM show — based around the...

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    Waldorf unleash Eurorack keyboard enclosure/PSU & 3 modules

    Eurorack Pack includes dual VCA, modulator, compressor and controller keyboard

    Waldorf Music are introducing their so-called ‘Eurorack Pack’ — a stylish, state-of-the-art,...

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    Waldorf Streichfett

    String Synthesizer

    Is the world ready for the return of the string synthesizer? Waldorf seem to think so...

    Reviews Dec 2014
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    Waldorf Pulse 2

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Waldorf have followed up their '90s blockbuster with a sequel — the Pulse 2.

    Reviews Feb 2014
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    App Works

    Making Music On The Move

    Apps for your Tablet: Waldorf Nave synth, Pocket Audio Tools and Grain Science's granular synth.

    Reviews Oct 2013
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    Waldorf Rocket


    Can Waldorf’s new synth rock it? Is it easy on the pocket? We plug it into a socket...

    Reviews Jul 2013
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    Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V

    Software Synthesizer

    PPG's Wave series were sadly beyond the budget of most of us, but, through the miracle of software, the powers of these innovative synths may now be within our grasp...

    Reviews Apr 2011
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    Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

    Digital Synthesizer

    Waldorf build on the success of their Blofeld synth by adding not only a keyboard, but also sample RAM.

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    Waldorf Blofeld

    Digital Synthesizer

    In 2004 it looked like game over for Waldorf, but the German company are back, and with a hardware synth that more than lives up to their former reputation...

    Reviews Jun 2008
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