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    Roland PMA5

    Personal Music Assistant

    Is it a Filofax? Is it a Stylophone? No... it's Roland's answer to Yamaha's portable music Walkstation family. Faster than a speeding bullet, Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser apply their X-ray vision to the new PMA5.

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    Roland JX3P

    Polysynth [Retrozone]

    Michael Anthony takes us back to the mid-eighties, when MIDI was in pre-school playgroup, and manufacturers built synths that couldn't decide if they were analogue, digital, or both...

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Roland Sound Expansion Series

    Synth Expander Modules

    Paul White bolts Roland's new range of synth expander modules into his rack, seats himself in the comfy chair, then switches it on.

    Reviews Oct 1995
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    Roland VG8

    Virtual Guitar System

    Paul White gets truly virtual with Roland's new physical modelling guitar product — and no, it's not a guitar synth!

    Reviews May 1995
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    Roland System100M

    Modular Synth (Retro)

    At a time when a modular synth could cost as much as an average house, Roland's System 100M was an affordable dream. Chris Carter gets patched in...

    Reviews Apr 1995
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    Roland VG8

    V-Guitar System (Preview)

    Paul White brings back from NAMM exclusive news from Roland's new secret weapon in the physical modelling wars.

    Reviews Mar 1995
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    Roland Super JV1080

    Expandable Synthesizer Module

    Roland's latest synth module boasts an impressive spec, including a 32-bit RISC processor, 64-voice polyphony and the ability to hoast up to four expansion cards simultaneously. Could it be the only synth you'll need? Dave Crombie finds out.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Roland SC88

    Super Sound Canvas

    Derek Johnson checks out the new flagship of the Sound Canvas range.

    Reviews Sep 1994
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    Roland SC50

    General MIDI Sound Module

    Derek Johnson takes a look at a new addition to the still-growing Sound Canvas family.

    Reviews May 1994
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    Roland GR09

    Guitar Synth

    Have Roland finally come up with a more affordable MIDI guitar for the masses? Paul White obviously thinks so.

    Reviews May 1994
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    Roland SH101 [Retrozone]

    Vintage Synth

    Derek Johnson waxes lyrical about a synth he wouldn't part with but is the cheapest he owns — Roland's last monosynth, the 1982-vintage SH101.

    Reviews Feb 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 1

    Tips & Techniques

    Make your digital synth put on an analogue hat. Does the current passion for analogue mean you have to put your digital synth back in its box and track down an analogue instrument? Not if Nick Magnus has anything to do with it!

    Techniques Jan 1994


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