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    Yamaha MU128

    Sound Module

    Yamaha's latest XG MIDI module achieves more onboard sounds and greater polyphony and multitimbrality than previous tone generators Ñ and allows users to install additional synthesizer and effects boards. Simon Trask explores the power of MU...

    Reviews Feb 1999
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    Analogue Systems System 8000 modular synth.

    Analogue Systems RS200 & System 8000

    Analogue Sequencer & Modular Synthesizer

    Analogue Systems have expanded their RS Integrator modular range to include an analogue step sequencer and several new modules — as well as a new, complete high-end system.

    Reviews Jan 1999
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    Quasimidi Polymorph synthesizer module

    Quasimidi Polymorph

    Sample-based / DSP Modelling Synthesizer

    With several successful dance-oriented synth successes to their name, Quasimidi attempt to buck the trend with their latest offering. The Polymorph does offer plenty to interest the dance fraternity — real-time modulation knobs, and an analogue-style sequencer and user interface — but behind the façade lurks a powerful synth.

    Reviews Jan 1999


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