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    Clavia Nord Wave 2

    Polyphonic Synthesizer

    The Nord Wave 2 is a Jack of all trades and master of, well, really quite a lot!

    Reviews Oct 2020
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    Clavia Nord Lead A1

    Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

    The Lead A1 aims to condense the most playable elements of the Nord keyboard range into a single instrument.

    Reviews Jun 2015
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    Clavia Nord Lead 4

    Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

    Nearly 20 years after the original, Clavia's Nord Lead has become a studio synth staple. Can its latest incarnation keep the flame alive?

    Reviews Jan 2014
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    Clavia Nord Wave

    Performance Synthesizer

    Clavia are as well known for their instruments' red livery as they are for the quality of their virtual analogue synths. The new Nord Wave has definitely got the colour scheme, but can it live up to the sonic reputation of its forebears?

    Reviews May 2008
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    Clavia Nord Modular G2

    Software-controlled Modular Synth

    The Nord Modular offered a classic blend of flexible software and well-designed hardware in 1998. But can the improved G2 keep up with the soft synths of 2004?

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Clavia Nord Lead 2X

    Virtual Analogue Performance Synth

    The follow-up to Clavia's Nord Lead 3 is not the Nord Lead 4 (well, not yet), but a beefed-up version of the Nord Lead 2! We find out why, and how it improves on the original.

    Reviews Jan 2004
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    Synthesizing Realistic Cymbals

    Synth Secrets

    Having analysed the complex process by which a cymbal makes its sound, it's time to synthesize our own...

    Techniques Jun 2002
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    Clavia Nord Modular v3.03 & MicroModular

    Analogue Modelling Synths

    One of the advantages of a software-based instrument is that it can evolve over time, as its makers add new algorithms and refinements. Clavia's Nord Modular has undergone exactly this process, and its editing software has also migrated to the Mac. Gordon Reid tries out the latest version, along with its baby brother, the MicroModular...

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    Clavia Nord Modular: Part 2

    Virtual Analogue Modular Synthesizer

    Paul Nagle concludes his look at Clavia's groundbreaking new Nord Modular.

    Reviews May 1998
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    Clavia Nord Modular: Part 1

    Virtual Analogue Modular Synthesizer,

    Clavia's latest product is something else; an affordable modular hardware synth whose selection of modules and signal routing is user-definable in software, offering the synthesist staggering scope for sound design. In the first of this two-part review, Paul Nagle cross-modulates his joy input with Rapture envelope and goes into self-oscillating ecstasy...

    Reviews Apr 1998
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    Clavia Nord Modular (Preview)

    Virtual Analogue Modular Synthesizer

    If you'd love a modular synth, but couldn't possibly afford a real one, it's possible that virtual salvation is at hand.

    Reviews Feb 1998
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