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    Ensoniq Fizmo

    Real-time Transwave Synth

    Ensoniq were as the forefront of workstation and sampling technology in the '80s, but their recent synth offerings have not kept up with the fashion for controller-festooned techno boxes. The Fizmo, however, updates their take on wavetable synthesis with extensive real-time control.

    Reviews Mar 1999
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    Synth School: Part 6

    Building On PCM — The Next Generations

    The ball of S&S synthesis had been thrown, and most of the big names in synthesis caught it and ran with it, scoring some notable goals in the process. Paul Wiffen continues his chronicle of modern synthesis with a look at the state of play from the late '80s to the present day.

    Techniques Feb 1998
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    Ensoniq MR

    Rack Synth Module

    Expandable and user-friendly, Ensoniq's new synth module favours preset sounds and effects over editing and programming options. Julian Colebeck asks how the Mr Rack stacks up.

    Reviews Apr 1996
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