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    Modor show new filters at Superbooth

    Eurorack formant and comb filters and Noisy Oscillator revealed

    Modor have adapted the formant filter from their NF-1 synth for the Eurorack format and also introduced a new...

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    Modor Formant Filter

    Eurorack Module

    Formant Filter offers morphing between three different vowel sounds and via parallel band-pass filters, it delivers convincing vocal tones...

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    Modor NF-1m

    Modor launch MiniModor at Superbooth 17


    Following on from the NF-1, the MiniModor is actually a Modor NF-1 in a more compact package and boasts the same...

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    Modor NF-1

    Digital Synthesizer

    The Modor NF-1 has a front panel festooned with knobs, but at the same time it’s unashamedly digital.

    Reviews Feb 2016
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