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    Elektron Monomachine

    Multiple-Synthesis Keyboard & Sequencer

    Elektron maintain their reputation for producing unusual, innovative instruments with the bizarrely shaped Monomachine; it features six types of synthesis engine, a versatile sequencer, and effects. Is it refreshingly original, or a step too far?

    Reviews Apr 2004
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    Creative Synthesis With Yamaha XG (Part 1)

    XG Masterclass

    There are lots of XG-format synthesizers in home studios, but their General MIDI heritage discourages many owners from using them. However, there's life in your XG module yet if you're willing to explore its hidden depths.

    Techniques Apr 2004
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    From Analogue To Digital Effects

    Synth Secrets

    When synthesizing sounds, the effects you place after your synth's output are often as important as the synth itself (just think of last month's Leslie). As we near the end of Synth Secrets, we consider how a digital effects processor works.

    Techniques Apr 2004
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    Q. How do I get more polyphony from Roland D-series synths?

    I'm considering buying a second-hand Roland D-series workstation to get those classic D50-type sounds. I recently borrowed an old D-series synth from a friend and was using it in multitimbral mode, hooked up to my computer sequencer, but I  experienced some problems with the sounds, so I'd like to get your advice before I shell out any cash.

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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