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    Synthesizing The Rest Of The Hammond Organ: Part 2

    Synth Secrets

    We conclude our analysis of the fabulously complex beast that is the Leslie rotary speaker.

    Techniques Mar 2004
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    Synthesizing The Rest Of The Hammond Organ: Part 1

    Synth Secrets

    As with so much surrounding the Hammond organ, there's much more to the Leslie rotary speaker than meets the eye, and synthesizing its effects involves considerably more than just adding vibrato, as we find out in this installment.

    Techniques Feb 2004
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    Synthesizing Hammond Organ Effects

    Synth Secrets

    So, you can synthesize a Hammond's tonewheel generator -- but what about its all-important effects? This month, we look at recreating the Hammond's percussion, vibrato, overdrive, and reverb -- and find that it's harder than you might think...

    Techniques Jan 2004
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