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    Ryuichi Sakamoto

    Ryuichi Sakamoto - A Tribute | Podcast

    1952 - 2023

    As a tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto on the first anniversary of his passing, Caro C talks to Richard Barbieri, Natalie Beridze and Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto).

    People Apr 2024
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    Modular Profile: Thomas Hutmann & Modular News

    Neuzeit Instruments

    As Neuzeit Instruments, German designer Thomas Hutmann is creating marvellous, original designs for Eurorack.

    People Mar 2024
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    Afrodeutsche | Podcast

    A Journey Through Music

    Henrietta Smith-Rolla, known professionally as Afrodeutsche, gives Caro C insights into her musical journey, from her introduction to the music industry in Manchester, signing to Skam Records and becoming a BBC 6 Music DJ.

    People Mar 2024
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    Landscape A Go-Go

    Landscape A Go-Go | Podcast

    Richard James Burgess Tells The Story

    Richard James Burgess talks about the recent release of ‘Landscape A Go-Go’, a comprehensive 5 CD anthology of their work covering their entire recorded output between 1977 and 1983.

    People Feb 2024
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    Yamaha DX7 team - Dr John Chowning, Dave Bristow, Gary Leuenberger, Manny Fernandez

    Yamaha DX7: The Birth Of FM Synthesis | Podcast

    Celebrating the 40th Anniversary

    In May 1983, the world of synthesizers and electronic music as we knew it would change forever with the launch of the Yamaha DX7.

    People Dec 2023
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    DJ, Artist and Producer NikNak

    NikNak - Turntablism | Podcast

    Turntables In Electronic Music Performance

    DJ, Artist and Producer NikNak chats about her route into immersive performances and turntablism.

    People Nov 2023
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    Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    The Delia Derbyshire Archive | Podcast

    British Electronic Music Pioneer

    In celebration of Delia Derbyshire Day 2023 and the 60th Anniversary of the Doctor Who theme, Caro C discusses the Delia Derbyshire archives and the importance of her contributions to the development of electronic music.

    People Nov 2023
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    Roger Manning

    Keyboard Player & Songwriter

    From co‑founding cult band Jellyfish to writing with Brian Wilson and touring with Beck, Roger Manning has enjoyed an extraordinary career — and a remarkable collection of vintage instruments.

    People Nov 2023
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    Modular Profile: Corry Banks (aka Bboytech)


    American musician and technologist Corry Banks, aka Bboytech, is the driving force behind Modbap.

    People Oct 2023
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    Hazel Mills - Keyboardist

    Hazel Mills | Podcast

    Synth Sessions & Touring

    Hazel Mills talks us through her impressive career, from working as a touring session musician, being a member of the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble, working with synth maker UDO Audio and releasing her debut solo EP.

    People Oct 2023
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    Modular Profile: Modular Princess

    Engineer, Producer & Creator Arushi Jain

    Arushi Jain has toured the world over as Modular Princess, with a critically acclaimed brand of electronic composition infused with the influence of Hindustani classical music.

    People Sep 2023
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    Modular Profile: Max Ravitz

    Moog Music

    Having joined the team at Moog Music back in 2015, product strategist Max Ravitz was a key player in the development of the widely lauded Moog Mother‑32.

    People Aug 2023
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    Dina Pearlman - The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

    ARP Synth Legacy | Podcast

    Dina Pearlman: running the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

    Alan R Pearlman founded Tonus in 1969, a company that would soon become ARP Instruments, and began producing synthesizers such as the legendary ARP 2500, 2600 and Odyssey.

    People Aug 2023
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    Richard Evans - Listening To The Music The Machines Make

    Inventing Electronic Pop | Podcast

    Listening To The Music The Machines Make

    'Listening To The Music The Machines Make' - Inventing Electronic Pop 1978-1983, sets out to examine the multitude of influences that led to the synthpop revolution that spanned a five year period.

    People Aug 2023
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    Modular Profile: Matthijs Munnik


    We profile Dutch designer Matthijs Munnik of Cosmotronic.

    People Jul 2023
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    Chris Clark aka Clark

    Clark - Sus Dog | Podcast

    Recording his new album

    Clark reveals how he got signed to Warp Records, his recording and production workflow, and how Thom Yorke ended up as a guest vocalist on his latest album, Sus Dog.

    People Jul 2023
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    Modular system with loads of messy cables and modules!

    Why I Love... Rearranging My Modular

    Robin Vincent

    There’s a running gag in modular circles about how someone has just completed their system. But in a few days, maybe a week, other modules will start popping up out of drawers and things will change.

    People Jun 2023
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    Lonelady (Julie Campbell)

    LoneLady Soundworlds | Podcast

    Punch-and-crunch electro

    Created on sequencers, synths and drum machines in a basement bunker beneath Somerset House, London, LoneLady talks to Caro C about the making of her third studio album Former Things.

    People May 2023
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    Modular Profile: Lisa Bella Donna

    Electronic Sound Sorceress

    Musician, sound designer, educator and all‑round electronic sound sorceress, Lisa Bella Donna has built a reputation for herself as one of the most eminent synthesists anywhere.

    People Apr 2023
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    Richard Barbieri - Porcupine Tree

    Richard Barbieri - Porcupine Tree | Podcast

    Closure / Continuation

    As part of Japan, Richard Barbieri soon became the thinking person’s synthesist, famous for his rich and textural electronic backings that beautifully complemented the work of other band members to forge what is still a unique sound to this day.

    People Apr 2023
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    Modular Profile: Matthew Allum

    ALM/Busy Circuits

    As the man behind the phenomenally successful British developer ALM/Busy Circuits, Matthew Allum speaks all things modular.

    People Mar 2023


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