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    Kurzweil ME1

    Sample-based Sound Module

    Kurzweil are well known for their high-quality sounds, but less so for affordable hardware in which to house them. Is the new £350 ME1 the answer?

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    Kurzweil K2500R

    Rack Sound Module

    Offering evolution not revolution, the feature-laden K2500R packs one heck of a sonic punch. Paul Ward remains impressed...

    Reviews Oct 1995
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    Kurzweil K2500R

    Production Station Rack [Preview]

    Long-term K2000 user Paul Ward gets to grips with the latest in Kurzweil's line of groundbreaking synths for just long enough to produce this hands-on preview...

    Reviews Sep 1995
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    Kurzweil Micro Piano

    Sampled Piano Sound Module

    The legendary Kurzweil piano sound is now available in a smaller box and with a lower price tag than ever before - though in the UK it's still significantly more expensive than competing piano modules from other manufacturers. Is it worth the price premium? Derek Johnson finds out.

    Reviews Apr 1994
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