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    Rob Papen releases Predator 2

    New version of softsynth packed with new features

    Press Release: Almost a decade ago, the original version of Rob Papen...

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    Modal Electronics unveil £79 DIY monosynth

    Craftsynth can be assembled in 10 minutes with no specialist tools

    British synth makers Modal Electronics have departed from their usual territory of top-end boutique keyboards...

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    Korg unveil Monologue monosynth & ARP Odyssey app

    New hardware synth based on Monologue & iOS synth launched

    At the beginning of the year, Korg took us all by surprise with the Minilogue, a great-looking, great-sounding, genuinely analogue and genuinely affordable polysynth. Now they’ve done it again, announcing a monophonic successor called the Monologue...

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