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    The latest version of Analogue Solutions' Vostok synth-in-a-suitcase: Vostok 2020.

    Analogue Solutions unveil new Vostok 2020

    Latest version of the patchable semi-modular announced

    Analogue Solutions' synth-in-a-suitcase has had several upgrades since its 2002 launch — now the Vostok 2020 has debuted.

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    Analogue Solutions' new £30,000 mega-synth, Colossus, at SynthFest UK 2019.

    SynthFest UK — Analogue Solutions Colossus

    Tom Carpenter takes us through his new dream £30,000 synthesizer!

    SynthFest UK 2019 saw the launch of a new analogue mega-synth — Colossus. See our interview with designer Tom Carpenter from the show!

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    Colossus, the new premium instrument from Analogue Solutions.

    Analogue Solutions unveil Colossus

    Analogue behemoth to be launched at SynthFest UK

    Analogue Solutions are to debut a premium-quality, almost entirely analogue mega-synth at SynthFest UK.

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