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    Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Analogue Solutions have taken a perfectly good synth... and made it better.

    Reviews . Oct 2021
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    Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

    Analogue Synthesizer & Sequencer

    Stuck in a synthesis rut? Tired of patching the same old sounds? Analogue Solutions have got just the thing...

    Reviews Sep 2019
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    Analogue Solutions Treadstone

    Analogue Synthesizer

    The Treadstone packs a lot of analogue synth into a very small box.

    Reviews Nov 2018
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    Analogue Solutions Fusebox

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Analogue Solutions’ new semi-modular synth is as flexible as it is fun.

    Reviews Jul 2018
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    Analogue Solutions Leipzig S

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Analogue Solutions make a bid for your cash with a retro-styled synth offering big, fat Moog-style sounds and a built-in sequencer. Could this be their best synth yet?

    Reviews May 2012
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    Analogue Solutions Vostok

    Analogue Pin-matrix Synth

    Pin-matrix synths, like EMS's legendary VCS3 and Synthi A(KS), are fairly scarce these days, but Analogue Solutions' Vostok revisits the concept in a more affordable form. Is it a vintage-inspired classic, or is it just history?

    Reviews Jan 2003
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    Minimodular rack synth.

    Analogue Solutions Minimodular

    Dual-oscillator Synthesizer

    Analogue Solutions' diminutive Minimodular contains all the necessaries to make up a miniature patchable synth. Gordon Reid arches an eyebrow at this innovative and compact sound source.

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    Analogue Solutions Concussor

    Modular Percussion Synth

    Designing analogue circuitry to recreate drum sounds is nothing new, but Analogue Solutions have gone one stage further with their Concussor system — it's modular, making it probably the world's first commercially available dedicated modular percussion synth. Gordon Reid can scarcely control his voltages...

    Reviews Sep 1999
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