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    Q. How do I transfer SysEx files to my Korg Wavestation synth?

    I bought some CDs of new sound banks for my Korg Wavestation off eBay recently, only to find that most of them are in System Exclusive (SysEx) format rather than MIDI files. I have loaded sounds into my synths from MIDI files before using Cubase, but I don't know how to do it with a SysEx file. Can you help?

    Sound Advice Sep 2004
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    Q. How do I get more polyphony from Roland D-series synths?

    I'm considering buying a second-hand Roland D-series workstation to get those classic D50-type sounds. I recently borrowed an old D-series synth from a friend and was using it in multitimbral mode, hooked up to my computer sequencer, but I  experienced some problems with the sounds, so I'd like to get your advice before I shell out any cash.

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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    Q. How can I use the drum sounds on my Novation KS4 synth?

    I have just purchased the new Novation KS4 keyboard and want to have a complete drum kit playing in performance mode but there's nothing in the manual explaining how to do this! Can you program full kits to sound like the keyboard demo or must you use an external sequencer?

    Sound Advice Feb 2004
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