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    Korg unveil Monologue monosynth & ARP Odyssey app

    New hardware synth based on Monologue & iOS synth launched

    At the beginning of the year, Korg took us all by surprise with the Minilogue, a great-looking, great-sounding, genuinely analogue and genuinely affordable polysynth. Now they’ve done it again, announcing a monophonic successor called the Monologue...

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    Korg launch trio of synths

    Volca Kick, MicroKorg S & ARP Odyssey Module announced

    Korg have announced a swathe of new products: the microKorg S, the ARP Odyssey Module and the Volca Kick.


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    Korg announce new Minilogue synth

    Four-voice analogue synth to debut at NAMM

    After a few leaks earlier this week, it is now being widely reported that Korg will be launching a brand new $500...

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