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    Dave Smith Poly Evolver Keyboard

    Four-voice Analogue & Digital Synth

    The Evolver began as a mono desktop unit, then became polyphonic, and now there's a polyphonic keyboard version. It's almost as if Dave Smith's latest synth is steadily evolving back into his earlier Prophet 5... We check it out.

    Reviews Mar 2006
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    Q. How do I re-create the sound of those old string synths?

    I am trying to re-create the sound of old string synths like the ARP Solina or Elka Rhapsody on my Novation K-Station but I...

    Sound Advice Mar 2006
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    Plug-in Folder February 2006

    3 New Plug-ins

    We test another group of hot plug-ins: Universal Audio Dimension D • Ugo Rez, Texture, String Theory & Motion • TC Electronic VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb.

    Reviews Feb 2006
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    Q. Can you explain the origins of wavetable, S&S and vector synthesis?

    I keep reading about different types of synthesis like 'wavetable', 'S&S' and 'vector' but I don't know what they are....

    Sound Advice Feb 2006
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    Creamware Minimax ASB

    Modelled Analogue Synth

    Creamware's Minimax is certainly not the first digital emulation of a Minimoog to be released — nor even Creamware's first. But it bucks the recent trend for software recreations of vintage synths — by being hardware. Can it replace the real deal?

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    RPCX Blue

    VST 2.0 & AU Synth Plug-in [Mac/PC]

    Sound designer Rob Papen may be best known to you as the man behind amazing sounds for the Access Virus or Alesis Andromeda. Now he's moved into producing software-based synths of his own. So how good is it?

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    Buchla 200e: Part 2

    Patchable Analogue & Digital Synthesizer

    We conclude our look at synth pioneer Don Buchla's extraordinary new 200e modular synth.

    Reviews Jan 2006


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