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    Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

    Analogue Synthesizer

    The latest synth from Dave Smith owes more than a little to its illustrious ancestor, the Sequential Circuits Pro One, but costs only £299$399.

    Reviews Aug 2009
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    Korg Microkorg XL

    Synthesizer & Vocoder

    The hugely popular Microkorg — the worlds best-selling synth for the past few years, according to its makers — has gained what Korg describe as a big brother. Will it repeat the success of its sibling?

    Reviews Jul 2009
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    Arturia Origin

    Rackmount Synthesizer Workstation

    Arturias first true hardware synth aims to let you conveniently create your own modular system from modelled components of some of the best-loved analogues of all time. How well does it realise this ambitious goal?

    Reviews Jun 2009
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    Camel Audio Alchemy

    Software Synth [Mac/PC]

    Truly original and innovative software is a rare thing these days, but Camel Audios latest is exactly that. Find out what it is that sets Alchemy apart from the soft-synth crowd...

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

    Digital Synthesizer

    Waldorf build on the success of their Blofeld synth by adding not only a keyboard, but also sample RAM.

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    Korg M3 Xpanded

    Sampling Workstation

    The M3 workstation, already a powerful beast, has gained impressive new features and an Xpanded name tag. Is it now top of its class?

    Reviews Feb 2009
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    Graham Wrench: The Story Of Daphne Oram’s Optical Synthesizer


    In the early 60s, pioneering British composer Daphne Oram set out to create a synthesizer unlike any other. The engineer who turned her ideas into reality was Graham Wrench.

    People Feb 2009
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    Roland Fantom G

    Keyboard Workstation

    Roland's Fantom workstation reaches its fourth generation with the 'G' series. So just how great is the Fantom family's great-grandchild?

    Reviews Jan 2009
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