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    Dave Smith Instruments OB6

    Polyphonic Synthesizer

    The OB6 is the product of a collaboration between two of the most respected names in synthesizer design, and it doesn’t disappoint...

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    Dreadbox Drips Drum Module

    Eurorack Drum Synthesizer

    Drips is a complete analogue drum voice that can be tweaked to produce kicks, snares, hi-hats and so on as well as Kraftwerk-style zaps and thwaps.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    ALM/Busy Circuits Tangle Quartet

    Eurorack VCA & Mixer

    This compact module will serve as four linear VCAs or as a four-input mixer — for audio or control signals.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    Rebel Technology Phoreo

    Eurorack Clock, Gate & Trigger Processor

    Rebel Technology’s Phoreo [Rendering its name in Greek will break the SOS publishing software — Ed] is a clock,...

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    Moog Minimoog Model D

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Soon, for the first time in 35 years, you will be a able to walk into a shop and buy a brand-new Minimoog. But will it be as good as the original? Find out in our exclusive review.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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