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    Roland reveal D-05 Linear Synthesizer

    New Roland Boutique module recreates the renowned D-50 Linear Synthesizer from the 1980s

    The sound of the Roland D-50 was a staple of the late 1980s, famously appearing in the intro to Michael...

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    Future Retro Transient

    Eurorack Module

    Future Retro’s Transient is a single-voice drum module based on 16-bit samples nabbed from classic drum machines, all delivered by a 12-bit DAC.

    Reviews Sep 2017
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    System 80 Jove

    Eurorack Module

    Jove has a modern replacement for the now-obsolete OTA (IR3109) used in the original Jupiter 6 and it has been given voltage control of resonance along with an extra two-pole low-pass mode...

    Reviews Sep 2017
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