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Drum Recording In A Small Room

Video Feature
Published August 2017

Drum recording can be challenging, even if you’re working in a professional tracking studio. Record drums at home or in a rehearsal space, though, and getting good results can become even more tricky. Space limitations and less-than-ideal acoustics, for example, can hamper your efforts. 

This month, Editor In Chief Paul White and Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns tackle the thorny issue of drum recording in small rooms. By recording Paul’s drums in his home studio, the pair outline a process for getting usable results without using drum replacement tools.

Along the way, they cover acoustics, drum tuning, microphone techniques, making small kicks sound bigger, and how to fake a room when yours doesn't sound great.

You can also download the audio from the session to hear the (abominable) room mic and the unprocessed audio tracks. [See sidebar link to Zip file.]