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    Science Of Digital Audio Data Reduction


    Though you might not realise it, the audio industry has employed data reduction strategies since the earliest days of digital systems. Hugh Robjohns explains the concepts and explodes some myths.

    Sound Advice Aug 1998
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    All About Digital Audio: Part 3

    Error Detection / Correction

    In the third instalment of our series on the techniques and technology of digital audio, Hugh Robjohns turns his attention to digital audio error detection and correction — and some of the problems associated with them!

    Sound Advice Jul 1998
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    All About Digital Audio: Part 2

    Quantising & Oversampling

    Hugh Robjohns continues his look at the techniques and technology of digital audio. This month — quantising and oversampling.

    Sound Advice Jun 1998
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    All About Digital Audio: Part 1

    The Basics

    Digital recording systems have been in everyday use now for nearly 20 years, and such systems have become affordable to the project studio owner within the last decade. But what actually is digital recording, how does it work, and are the claims made about its sonic perfection justified? In the first of this new 6-part series, Hugh Robjohns revisits the technology and techniques involved.

    Sound Advice May 1998
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    DI Boxes & Why We Need Them


    Paul White explores the role of both passive and active DI boxes in recording applications.

    Sound Advice Apr 1998
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    Anatomy Of A Mixer

    Functions & Circuitry Explained

    Hugh Robjohns shrinks to microscopic size in order to show you around the conglomeration of knobs, wires and circuits that make up a mixer.

    Sound Advice Apr 1997
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    The Importance Of Impedance

    Why It Matters

    Open just about any equipment manual and you'll come across terms like input impedance, output impedance, impedance matching and so on — but what do they all mean, and does it matter anyway?

    Sound Advice Oct 1994
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    Decibels Explained


    What are decibels and where did they come from? Paul White explains why equipment specs quote them, meters read them and operating levels conform to them.

    Sound Advice Feb 1994


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