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    SPITFIRE AUDIO: Recording The Abbey Road Orchestra


    Join the Spitfire Audio team and engineer Simon Rhodes on a deep dive into one of the most epic orchestral projects of all time...

    Techniques May 2024
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    Fraser T Smith | Producing ‘SET FIRE TO THE RAIN’ by Adele


    ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ was Adele’s third consecutive US number one, confirming her status as a superstar. In our exclusive...

    Techniques Dec 2023
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    Building A Library: Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road Orchestra | Chapter One


    Our exclusive four-part video documentary series goes behind the scenes of one of the most detailed orchestral sample libraries ever made. In Chapter One, we meet the team from Spitfire Audio and Abbey Road Studios as they develop the epic concept for Abbey Road Orchestra…

    Techniques Dec 2023
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    UA Sphere LX & DLX thumbnail

    UA Sphere LX & DLX Microphones: Beyond Modelling

    VIDEO FEATURE: Practical Techniques for miking a Drum Kit using Sphere LX and DLX modelling microphones

    Universal Audio’s Sphere microphone modelling system is well known for emulating classic mics — but that’s not all it does.

    Techniques Nov 2023
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    Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

    VIDEO | Richard Jacques: Scoring The Video Game

    The epic soundtrack to the Guardians Of The Galaxy video game is one of the biggest projects ever undertaken by a single composer. In our exclusive feature, Richard Jacques describes how he created nearly six hours of high-impact orchestral music

    Techniques Dec 2021
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    Recording Music Videos For Social Media

    Remote Working

    With live music on hold and lockdown persisting, social media is your best bet for connecting with fans. We offer some tips for recording music videos remotely.

    Techniques Oct 2020
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    How To Make Zoom Work For Music

    Recording Audio On Zoom: Set-up & Operation Tips

    With self-isolation likely to continue for some time, we talk you through using the world's leading conference‑call service for remote music performance.

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    A Recording Musician’s Guide To Making A Music Video: Part2

    Video Production

    In the second part of this short introductory series, we cover the more technical aspects of film-making, demystifying some of the jargon that might trip up the video newbie.

    Techniques Jun 2010
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    A Recording Musician’s Guide To Making A Music Video: Part1

    Video Production

    The arena of video production can seem daunting, but most audio engineers will find their skills transfer quite easily. In this introductory article, we cover the basic process of making a video from start to finish.

    Techniques May 2010
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    Reliability Of Hard Drives; Innovative Video-related Products

    Cutting Edge

    We look at the reliability of hard drives and investigate some innovative video-related products from Sony, which could soon be commonplace in the audio world.

    Techniques May 2003
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    A Practical Guide To Working With Pictures: Part 2

    Tips & Tricks

    One of the easiest ways of achieving synchronisation between music and pictures is to run both on the samecomputer. Hugh Robjohns talks to a writer of music for broadcast who does just that.

    Techniques Jul 2000
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    A Practical Guide To Working With Pictures: Part 1


    With the growth of digital television and affordable solutions for recording audio to picture, many musicians are keen to get into writing and recording for visual media. In this introduction to the series, Hugh Robjohns investigates basic working methods and suggests some system requirements.

    Techniques Jun 2000
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    Mainframe: Five Minutes...

    ...On The Making Of Their Video

    Always eager to expand their experiences, Mainframe duo Murray Munro and John Malloy talk to Ian Gilby about the processes involved in the shooting of the promo video that accompanied their recent Polydor single release.

    Techniques Nov 1985
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