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Project & Survive

Digital Performer Tips and Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Project & Survive

Understanding DP's projects and sequences can help you develop, archive and protect your hard work!

Stereo Lab

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Stereo Lab

Spruce up your soundstage with DP8's new Ensemble Chorus and Spatial Maximizer plug-ins.

Stereo Lab | Media

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Audio files to accompany the article.

Power Plugs

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Power Plugs

DP still has its full share of virtual guitar amps and pedals, reverb and chorus plug-ins — but version 8 also introduced some quality problem-solvers.

Previous 100 DIGITAL PERFORMER NOTES workshops (unlocked)

Digital Performer 8

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Digital Performer 8

DP8 for Mac has finally arrived — so here’s an upgrader’s guide to some of its new features.

Basic Instinct

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Basic Instinct

As we wait with bated breath for the release of DP8, let’s revise some core DP techniques…

Window Cleaner

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Window Cleaner

Find out how to harness the flexibility of DP’s user interface without being drowned in windows.

Digital Performer In Windows?

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Digital Performer In Windows?

It's a moment we thought would never happen: DP meets Windows...

MachFive 3

Digital Performer Notes

Thumbnail for article: MachFive 3

Get up and running with MOTU’s MachFive 3, an ideal software sampler partner for Digital Performer.

Using Software Synths & Samplers

MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Using Software Synths & Samplers

This month, how to use software synths and samplers effectively in your DP projects.

Master MIDI In The Graphic Editor

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Master MIDI In The Graphic Editor

This month's DP Notes shows you how you can achieve MIDI mastery using the Graphic Editor.

MIDI Matters

MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: MIDI Matters

Knowing the ins and outs of various DP MIDI features can help you work quicker and smarter.

Using Aux Sends & Returns

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Using Aux Sends & Returns

Don't save your sends and returns just for global effects — DP's aux track system has other tricks up its sleeve...

Digital Performer 7.2

Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Digital Performer 7.2

DP's latest version brings the ability to change the look and feel of the program. We find out how, and explore other additions in DP 7.2.

Improving Audio MIDI Setup

MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

Digital Performer version 7.1 has been out for a while, but we're still feeling the love for some of its new features...

DP Control Surface

Digital Performer Notes

Fancy using the multi-touch screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a DP control surface? Here’s how...

New Tools In Digital Performer 7.1

Digital Performer Notes

DP 7.1 is a small update that adds a couple of big new features, including an easy system for saving effect chains.

Digital Performer 7: Guitar Heroes

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

DP7’s new guitar plug-ins offer a fresh set of tones, and a contrasting approach to third-party alternatives.

Digital Performer 7: Guitar Greats

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

DP7 includes enticing new features ideal for guitarists. Here’s a quick-start guide to the best of them.

Digital Performer: Alternative Versions

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

When you need to tweak or re-work a track to produce alternative versions, DP has features that make it easy.

Digital Performer: Cleaning Up Noisy Tracks

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Digital Performer has a great range of features to help you avoid and clean up noise in your recordings.

Using Time Formats In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Digital Performer’s time-display and grid features are the key to several cool techniques, including instant glitch effects.

Customising Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Save time and make Digital Performer work just how you like it, with easy custom templates and preferences tweaks.

Multitrack Comping in Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Comping multitrack audio needn’t be a headache with new features in Digital Performer 6.

Effective Selecting & Locating In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

The ability to move around your project quickly and easily, making fast and accurate selections for editing, can take much of the pain out of music production. We round up some of the best power-user shortcuts.

CD Burning With Digital Performer 6

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

MOTU's Digital Performer 6 hugely simplifies the task of CD burning, while at the same time allowing more complex burning tasks to be undertaken. We talk you through the options.

File-format Troubleshooting In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

We present a DP-user’s guide to troubleshooting audio files and formats, and pass on tips for when the unthinkable happens...

Guitar Recording Methods In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Achieving exactly the recorded guitar tone you’re after is easier than it’s ever been, with the facilities on offer in a DAW package such as Digital Performer...

Digital Performer 6: More New Features

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Version 6 of DP comes with improved hosting of Audio Unit plug-ins — but what does that mean for the MAS format? We consider the issues, and bring you a guide to DP's new bundled convolution reverb, ProVerb.

Plug-in Management In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

If you've lots of third-party plug-ins in different formats, it can be a pain to keep tabs on where they're stored and which version to use. We explain how DP's plug-in manager functionality can help, as well as offering guidance on DP6 features, including the essential new 'pre-generation'.

Digital Performer 6 Upgrade Guide

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Digital Performer has retained the same basic look and feel from its introduction right up to version 5.13 — but no more. The new DP6 looks almost like a different application, and conforms much more to OS X standards, so this month we bring you the first-look guide to what's new.

Digital Performer's Memory Cycle Feature

Digital Performer Notes & Technique

DP's Memory Cycle can benefit you whatever kind of music you make. We look at how to work smart and fast with this crucial feature.

Digital Performer: Looping

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

How do you create a four-minute masterpiece out of just a few measures? And what's the best reverb to make you sound like that drumming gorilla on the TV ad? These questions, and more, answered in this month's Digital Performer workshop...

Digital Performer's Drum Editor

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

DP's Drum Editor provides a unique environment for programming and editing MIDI data, free from the 'piano roll' - and it's not just for drums, either. We look at how to get the best from this great feature.

DP Audio Production Tricks

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

DP offers an excellent environment for working with the little pieces of 'ear candy', such as filtered drops, beat-mangled breaks and reversed audio phrases, that can make such an impact in pop and electronica production. We look at some of the techniques involved.

Audio Slicing

Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques

The tools for audio slicing were overhauled in Cubase 4.1. Find out how to get the best from them.

Using The Liquid Mix With Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

We offer a clutch of hints and tips for DP users considering adding a Focusrite Liquid Mix DSP plug-in platform to their setup.

Input Monitoring in Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

There's more useful stuff than you can shake a stick at this month, including advice on input monitoring, ways to get around latency issues, and news of CD-burning and audio networking applications to make your life easier.

Complex DP Monitoring Techniques

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Everyone performs better when they can hear exactly what they need in their headphones. After our guide to simple DP monitor mixing options last month, we follow up with ideas for those with more complex monitoring requirements.

Effective Monitor Mixing With Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

With so many exciting features on offer in modern DAWs, it's easy to overlook less glamorous things that you need every day. A prime example is proper monitoring — not sexy, but a crucial factor in successful multitrack recording.

Using Digital Performer With Reason

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Propellerhead's Reason software studio offers some great instruments and makes a good partner for DP - but there are various things to be aware of if you want to create the most hassle-free partnership. Our in-depth look at using the two applications together explains it all.

MachFive 2 & Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes

We take a look at how MOTU's new MachFive 2 sampler integrates with Digital Performer 5, explore a DP plug-in that makes it easier to work with MIDI controllers, and round up the customary batch of news and tips for DP users.

Managing Audio Plug-ins In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

DP supports a wide range of plug-in and virtual instrument formats, which is great for flexibility and variety but sometimes not so good when it comes to trouble-free operation. We explain how to take the pain out of plug-in management.

Audio Regions & CD Creation in Digital Performer: Part 2

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

DP's native Sound Designer II audio format can carry region information within files. That fact may not sound especially significant — but with the help of our guide you can use it to help you compile and burn CDs quickly and easily.

Preparing Tracks For CD Burning

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

This month, a look at how some of DP's features can be used to co-ordinate multiple finished tracks prior to burning an album or EP.

Using Real-time MIDI Plug-ins In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

MIDI plug-ins are often overlooked, regarded perhaps as the poor relations of the more glamorous audio type, but they can give you real power-user status if you take the trouble to investigate their capabilities.

Understanding Dither In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

If you're serious about digital audio you need to know about dither — both what it is and when to use it. So here it is: the SOS Digital Performer dither primer.

Audio Networking With Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Last month, we looked at OS X's Network MIDI capabilities, and how they get along with DP. This time, we go even further, into the brave new world that is network audio and remote access. Prepare to give your network connection a workout...

MIDI Networking

Distributed Processing With Digital Performer

Unlike Logic, DP doesn't have any sort of distributed processing scheme, but by using additional Macs in your DP setup, with a network connection between them, you can achieve a similar result. Here's how it's done.

Using Intel Mac Audio Hardware with Digital Performer 5

Digital Performer Notes & technique

We update you on changes to new Macs' built-in audio hardware, then take a look at how Bundles can help users of older and current Macs alike to easily reconfigure their audio I/O.

Audio Editing Secrets In Digital Performer 5

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

You'll soon be wondering how you ever managed without the audio editing tricks and shortcuts offered by this month's essential DP workshop.

Audio Editing Essentials In DP5

Digital Performer Notes & Technique

We take a look at a variety of audio-related techniques, from the staples of soundbite editing to DP5's new Soundbite Volume feature.

Using DP5's Improved Metronome Click Features

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

The subject of clicks might not seem terribly interesting — but it's surprising how much difference a well-chosen timing reference can make to the recording of your musical performances.

DP 5.1 Universal Binary for Intel Macs

Digital Perfromer Notes & Technique

MOTU have released DP 5.1, a Universal Binary version of Digital Performer that allows owners of Intel Macs to finally make the most of the application on their new machines. But while this is a crucial piece of the jigsaw in enabling DP's use on the Intel platform, it's going to be a while before you can recreate a fully loaded G4 or G5 setup. Here's the low-down...

Patch & Sample Management With DP's Bundled Instruments

Digital Performer Notes & Technique

DP5's new virtual instruments have all the facilities you need for creating large and well-organised libraries of patches and samples, easily accessible and portable between projects and computers - as long as you know where to look.

The Bundled Synths In Digital Performer 5

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Last month, we passed briefly over the flashier additions to the latest version of DP, in favour of some less obvious but rather useful new features. Now it's time to return for a closer look at those shiny new bundled instruments...

What's New In Digital Performer 5

Digital Performer Notes

After being extensively trailed at this year's NAMM show and at Sounds Expo in London, DP5 is finally here. But besides its shiny new additions, such as the six bundled MAS instruments, there are some unexpected and intriguing new features that might just prove to be more useful to some...

Effective Mixdown With MOTU's Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Your next project might be a four-track demo or a 100-track surround mix for cinema. Either way, at some stage you're going to have to mix it — but with DP on your side, that doesn't need to be a headache.

Advanced Tempo & Beat Control in Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

When it comes to controlling sequence tempo and imposing a meaningful beat structure on freely-recorded MIDI and audio, DP has plenty of tricks up its sleeve — including Live-like 'liquid audio' powers.

Achieving Flexible Tempo In Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

If you favour the feel of music that results from real people playing real instruments, the strict-tempo approach of a sequencer can feel like a straitjacket. But DP offers many ways of breaking out, and this month we explore them, as well as bringing news of the major update that is Digital Performer v5.

Using Quantising in Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Quantising is all about turning your sloppy playing into rigid, computerised perfection, right? Well, no — at least, it doesn't have to be. We check out the finer points of quantising in DP and look at what it can do for your music.

Plug-in Effects Tips In Performer

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Many of today's most interesting and popular audio-processing techniques are achieved with plug-ins. This month, we look at how you'd go about recreating some of them in Digital Performer, and continue our coverage of more unusual plug-in features.

Making The Most Of Digital Performer Plug-ins

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Can you honestly say you use all the features of DP's plug-ins? If not, prepare to be intrigued, as we dig deeper into Dynamics, Multimode Filter, Sonic Modulator and more, in search of the facilities you didn't know were there.

Using Digital Performer With External Hardware

Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

Few of us use our software sequencers in isolation — we all need associated hardware, such as monitors, external effects, and favourite MIDI synths. This month we take a look at using DP with such hardware.

Digital Performer Notes

News & Tips

We've got news of some interesting new plug-ins this month, and the solution to one of those software compatibility problems that can drive you bananas...

Using V-Racks In Digital Performer 4.6


One of the most exciting and unexpected new features unveiled in Digital Performer 4.6 is V-Racks, and, like many of the best things in life, it's something you probably didn't realise you needed until it came along...

Digital Performer Notes

News & Tips

Click with a new metronome, tune up a pitch correction problem and stop that annoying whistling. In short, catch up with the latest from MOTU's wonderful world of Digital Performer...

Using Pitch Automation in Digital Performer v4.6


Move over Auto-Tune: Digital Performer v4.6's new Pitch Automation features are fully integrated into the program and provide considerable power over all aspects of pitch. We explain how they work and take you through some practical examples.

Making The Most Of Digital Performer


Knowing how to squeeze the very best performance and efficiency out of your DP setup can let you work more quickly and increase your creative options, whether you own a G3 iMac or the latest G5. For all you need, read on...

Performer Notes

News & Updates

We investigate a newcomer to the orchestral sample-player scene and provide a quick round-up of the 'powered processing' options available to DP users.

Digital Performer Notes

News & Rumours

More news and ideas from the DP scene — as well as some good old-fashioned rumour-mongering...

Practical Groove Quantisation in Digital Performer


This month's Digital Performer workshop aims to help you get into the groove more effectively, through the use of the program's sophisticated quantisation facilities.

How OS X Tiger Affects Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes

Tiger, Apple‘s latest version of OS X, has some implications for Digital Performer users. Happily, they‘re nearly all good...

Creative Shortcuts In Digital Performer


An accomplished sequencer such as Digital Performer certainly allows its users to push the envelope when it comes to sophisticated music and sound production, but it should also act as a ‘sketchpad‘, facilitating composition and musical experimentation. We take a look at what DP can offer in this area.

Digital Performer Notes

3rd party developments

Now that the excitement surrounding the launch of DP 4.5 has subsided somewhat, developments by MOTU-friendly companies get this month's column under way.

Using Automation In Digital Performer 4.5


If you are a user of MOTU's Digital Performer sequencing software, you have access to an extensive and full-featured automated mixing environment. For hints and tips on how to use it, read on...

Digital Performer: EQing Tracks

Digital Performer Notes

This month, how to tweak your tracks with MOTU's answer to Sony's Oxford EQ and speed up your workflow with the essential DP keyboard shortcut selection!

Digital Performer Future Features & Tempo Analysis

Digital Performer Notes

MOTU hinted at even more additions to DP during January's NAMM show. We get a sneak preview, as well as exploring the program's Tempo Analysis powers.

Digital Performer: Create soundbites from beats

Digital Performer Notes

Smooth your audio edits, create soundbites from beats, find out about tempo analysis and get the run-down on why you need the DP 4.52 update...

Beat Detection in DP 4.5

Digital Performer Notes

The new Beat Detection Engine in DP 4.5 gives you much greater control over audio quantising and tempo manipulation. We explain how.

Digital Performer: New Ways To Work

Digital Performer Notes

DP 4.5 delivers new features that promise to fundamentally change the way users work, as well as offering smaller but crucial enhancements to existing features.

Digital Performer v4.5 First Look

Digital Performer Notes

MOTU recently announced the latest big update to Digital Performer, version 4.5. We offer a brief preview of some of the new features to come, as well as explaining how to use DP effectively with Ableton's Live.

Audio Pitch and Tempo Manipulation in Performer

Digital Performer Notes

A guide to DP's options for audio pitch and tempo manipulation is on the agenda for this month's instalment of Performer Notes.

Running Autotune within Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes

A bundle of tips helps you get the most from Autotune running inside DP, and there is plug-in news aplenty...

Stereo Mixdown of Projects

Digital Performer Notes

This month we're feeling bouncy, as we explain how to use DP's facilities to mix down Projects into stereo files for CD burning, MP3 conversion or mastering processes.

Exporting your DP Mix

Digital Performer Notes

Your DP Project is safely completed and stored to hard drive, but you want to burn the whole thing to CD or post it on a web site. In the absence of an easy 'export mix' facility, what's the procedure to follow?

Future-proofing DP Projects

Digital Performer Notes

This month, Performer Notes concludes its look at DP's Consoles, and suggests some ways of 'future-proofing' your Projects against the relentless flow of application and plug-in updates.

Using your MIDI Synth to control Plug-ins

Digital Performer Notes

Fancy turning your knob-laden MIDI synth into a control surface for tweaking plug-in synths? DP's Consoles make this kind of application possible.

Consoles: taking control with Digital Performer

Digital Performer Notes

If you've never investigated DP's Consoles feature, you may be missing out on interesting MIDI and Audio control possibilities. We explain, as well as introducing a couple of indispensable new utilities.

Beat-slicing in DP

Digital Performer Notes

The plug-in and inter-application software world grows ever richer for DP users, and a set of new features for the program is announced at the NAMM show mdash; including, at last, a 'beat-slicing' function.

Sampling MOTU's Mach Five

Digital Performer Notes

MOTU finally have their own soft sampler, Mach Five, which is ideal for use with DP, but doesn't always work exactly as you might expect. Read on for the Performer Notes primer...

Digital Performer Hints & Tips

Digital Performer Notes

An old favourite utility returns this month, and Digital Performer 4.1 learns something from Cubase SX — on the PC! Surely not?

Using DP with OS X Panther

Digital Performer Notes

As Mac OS X's Panther incarnation brings some slinky new working methods to Digital Performer, we pass on some advanced ways of pasting data, as well as rounding up the usual tips and news for DP users.

DP4 and FXpansion's VST-to-AU Adapter

Digital Performer Notes

A whole world of free, inexpensive or just plain great VST plug-ins opens up for DP 4 users who also run FXpansion's indispensable VST to AU Adapter. We check out how it works and round up some DP news and tips to boot.

OS X Performer

Digital Performer Notes

DP 4.1 is here at last, with significant increases in stability and efficiency, as well as support for Apple's Audio Unit plug-in standard. So is Digital Performer finally ready for the big time in OS X?

DP & Waves Plug-ins

Digital Performer Notes

The news that Waves' range of quality plug-ins is now available for DP adds to the activity in an already interesting month for Digital Performer users — despite a delay in the release of 4.1.

Digital Performer Notes

DP v4.1; VST plug-ins under OS X

DP v4.1 is available, and it looks like MOTU can provide a viable alternative to DP3 under OS 9 at last. Plus a look at VST plug-in support in DP under OS X...

DP3 & Multiple Audio Interfaces; Waveform Editor

Digital Performer Notes

This month we take a look at using multiple audio interfaces with DP3, the new OS X patchlist format, and practical uses for the Waveform Editor for all DP users.

Freeze Tracks; AUs; Audio Hijack Pro; Rax

Digital Performer Notes

More on DP4 and OS X this month, including the new 'Freeze Tracks' feature...

Performer Notes

OS X Version

At last, Digital Performer for OS X is a reality. But does it offer any real advantages over the previous version, and more importantly, what compromises are 'cutting-edge' users going to have to make?

DP4 & Machfive; WaveArts MasterVerb; The Oddity

Performer Notes

A closer look at Digital Performer for OS X (which shall henceforth be known as DP4), and MachFive, plus the latest MAS plug-in releases.

Digital Performer Notes

MachFive; OS X; Track Groups

As expected, MOTU showed Digital Performer for OS X for the first time at the recent NAMM show in California. But they also had some surprises up their sleeve...

Digital Performer Notes

Audio File-handling

Digital Performer's audio file-handling has been streamlined in v3.1, making it easier to manage and archive large audio-based projects. We take a closer look...

Digital Performer Notes

Project & File Management Facilities

We finish our look at DP3's new comprehensive Undo functions, and begin examining the program's Project and file management facilities with a view to making large projects portable.



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