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Piano and Drums in a live room

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Piano and Drums in a live room

Postby ruthers » Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:49 am

I've recently completed my first real studio recording and absolutely loved the experience. So many things to take in, aside from trying to put in a good performance.

I specific item I wanted to share was recording piano and drums in the live room. Our setup was:
drums: mic'd in the live room
e.piano: DI
e.gtr: DI + amp in another room, player in live room
bass: DI + amp in anther room, player in live room
vocalist: in booth with video feed

When it came to acoustic piano the engineer mic'd up the grand which was in the same room as the drums. This worked well for the sections of the songs where the drums weren't playing too loud, but once things wound up the drum spill into the piano mic's was badly affecting the sound of the drums.

The solutions (we used 2)
- track on digital piano and over dub the acoustic (see link below, we did this on Ode to Richie)
- re-track the loud section on acoustic (Lonely Life)

Both worked well, really kind of the same solution, just in the second we minimised the amount of over dub.
As the guy who had to play it, the experience was kind of strange at first, somehow playing along with the track (with the original part muted) was just a little harder than playing it live. Perhaps it's just an experience thing.

Anyway, the sound is what count and we were pretty happy. The singer who also plays acoustic guitar had foreseen this problem for his parts and tracked accordingly, we hadn't expected it for the piano, but will next time.

link to site with samples for the tracks mentioned above:

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Re: Piano and Drums in a live room

Postby ruthers » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:45 pm

one little extra piece on information on the recording.
The piano was miked with a pair of Neumann M149s - those combined with an amazing room got the result. I've recorded my own Kawai baby grand at home with both SE Electronics SE4s and AKG 440 and can't get near this sound. I'm sure the room is a big part of it. Still it's nice to enjoy the good stuff when you can. I'll have to make do with home recording until the next album.
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Re: Piano and Drums in a live room

Postby Studio_Drummer » Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:59 pm

Hi there!

It sounds pretty cool! I love the "beat it" bass line!:-).... To my mind....bass and drums could be more in front....or vox could be a little more in the mix....
Hope you understand what I mean!

Anyway - good work!!!
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