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Help - simple SPDIF recording problems.

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Help - simple SPDIF recording problems.

Postby Pitchfork » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:12 am

After setting up the MOTU 828mk2 USB on a Windows XP PC I just had a few questions on the Optical SPDIF input for recording.

I should explain that I use the Optical Out cable from my Mac (headphone doubles as Optical out) straight into the back of the MOTU optical spdif in (which the MOTU is connected to the Windows PC) - so in effect I'm recording digitally out from the Mac output straight into a PC Windows Editor (which the MOTU is attached)

Does the MOTU only record via SPDIF at 24-bit? I'm pretty sure I used to do this with a Motu and i could record at 16-bit digitally via SPDIF??

I am getting some drops and splutters, could this be down to maybe using a USB 1,1 socket instead of a USB2.0 socket for MOTU?

On the recorded Waveform on the PC (via the MOTU) I am getting large 'blocks' of sound, maybe digital bursts? How can
do i need to change the mac audio optical out on AUDIO MIDI SET UP so its sending a clear digital stereo spdif signal down the cable?

Also as Imm playing back via the MOTU on the PC (once the audio is recorded) I get long pauses when hitting play, and before the cursor starts playing. This seems to be a long delay?

Any help for a simple 2 track SPDIF optical between a Mac and Windows XP PC? The Audio plays fine live from the Mac to the Motu (as Im monitoring it via hphones) but its the recording.

I know with digital you have to get everything correct before it records properly and with a clear uninterrupted signal.. :roll:
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Re: Help - simple SPDIF recording problems.

Postby andy cross » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:07 pm

The most important consideration is that the MOTU is set up for the Mac to be the master providing the system's digital clock - if it's not you are likely to get the "spluttering" you describe. USB 1 vs 2 shouldn't make a difference, and you ought to be able to record at 16-bit.
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